Content Marketing

Having a great product or an idea alone means little. You need to get your work in front of an audience willing to listen. Whether you’re selling flip-flops, intricate gadgets or offering a housekeeping service – you will most definitely benefit from quality content marketing. Carter Point won’t hesitate to call out your current shortcomings, nor will we let you sell yourself short. Whether you still want to find your niché or are looking for ways to explosively expand clientele, our team is determined to find ways and means making you look more presentable, appear trustworthy to even the biggest sceptics and most importantly – we are adamant getting your point across.

Content Creation

Some say a picture is worth a thousand words. It may very well be so in some cases. But until the day comes when a selfie of a smiling face is enough to signify a succesful business deal, we pour our creative energy into the oldest medium there is – text. When a photo decays and video loses its vibrance, a text can be read, copied, communicated and saved for generations to come. Outstanding texts stand the test of time, but if not exactly carved in stone tablets, a text can still always be edited and enriched to meet the demands of a certain setting. Carter Point brings captivating writings dipped in stunning visuals for all kinds of websites, landing pages and social media — all to tell the stories of your brand.

Content Editing

We could all benefit from another pair of eyes. More often than not your existing materials just need that extra bit of touch and here at Carter Point we have x-ray vision capable of detecting the slightest misspellings, illogical conclusions or double entendres that were just not meant to be. Let us wave our magic wand over your articles, websites, landing pages and press or marketing materials to make them compelling, yet easily accessible.

Fun Facts about Content Marketing


of 18 to 49 year-old people get their news & information online. Pew Research

as much as77%

of all Internet users read blogs. The West Program

CM costs62%

less than traditional marketing. DemandMetric


more indexed pages are crawled from sites that blog. – TechClient


A team of passionate writers and content creation enthusiasts to whom “good” is rarely good enough. Able to recognize our strong suits and possessing the courage to point out mishaps and blunders where others shy away enables us to up the ante and create engaging content with measurable success.


Ragnar Roonurm

Segment manager, SaaS & services; lead editor


Andri Koolme

Segment manager, consumer electronics; project lead


Ivari Sarv, MSc

Segment manager, automotive & engineering


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