Carter Point® – a sophisticated IT-inspired content agency.

Why you needed another content agency, you might be thinking.

We put ourselves in the customers’ shoes and found that although there seem to be suppliers, there are just a few suitable ones for various material and intangible reasons.

You know, a good business owner, that if someone claims to be the best in every field, he or she is not really good at anything.

We try to be the kind of partner from whom we would even order our content services. It means:

Reasonable price – the money is not used for crazy advertising on Google, paying someone just to do their hours or to rent an old town office;

High quality – we never limit later changes or corrections and do not ask for a fee even if the work turned out to be several times more extensive – if the customer is not satisfied, we will do as long as they are;

Stability – the projects are staffed by permanent staff, so the style is quality are consistent, and there are fewer problems than managing different crowds (read: freelancers);

Personality – we only deal with a handful of companies at a time, which is expressed in thorough (pre-) work, direct communication, and sometimes also resignation from work – but still before starting.

Who are we?

Almost every agency tries to get an editor with such a wealth of experience, but despite the flattery, Ragnar prefers to edit in a smaller team, where the same vision is shared.

Observes, but does not follow trends blindly, and is based primarily on patterns of human behavior.

-20+ years of content creation and editing experience in the field of IT;
-language editor with a background in sociology and psychology;
-always does (much) more than required.
A born leader. He started creating content as a hobby (the first story appeared in a newspaper at the age of 5) and had no idea that reputable newspapers and magazines would be interested in cooperating with him, and top companies in the world would like to cooperate with the young talent. But he’s on such a crazy train – and the momentum doesn’t seem to be fading.

-6+ years of experience in content creation (audio-video-photo-text);
-actively engaged in digital marketing, e-commerce, various IT projects.

Also the excellent editors Daniel (UK) and Brian (USA) and others with who we’ve had a pleasure to work with!